You Are Lazier Than You Think

Author: Miss Kitty
You Are Lazier Than You Think
I used to feel inadequate because I wasn't very lazy. Or at least that's what I thought. Until that summer. That very hot summer.Everyone was just lying around. I wanted to lie around, too, but that had always been such a struggle for me. The most I could usually manage was 15 minutes before a... Read More

What is Money, Anyway??

Author: Squeekie
What is Money,  Anyway??
Hi Wealthy Cat Wannabees - Let's talk about Money - do you know what Money is?   Don't feel bad if you don't- it's not obvious.   Here's what I found out from watching my humans over the years.  For one thing, they talk about Money all the time.   Is Money another human?   A god?  An invi... Read More

The Cat-Inspired Business

The Cat-Inspired Business
Hey Humans -Want to make a lot of money?   So you can spend it on CATS? Try PurrPress!Even humans can use the PurrPress CMS. With it's built-in ultra-fast, Google-snarking SEO secret sauce, you are guaranteed to launch your product into the meme-o-sphere, leverage your credulity and cat-a-pult ... Read More

Time to Get Serious

Author: Resident Human
Time to Get Serious

Ok, this year I'm going to start writing about important stuff, like Plumbing and Mindfulness.

Maybe I'll just stick with Cats, since Plumbing makes me anxious and Mindfulness puts me to sleep.

So much for that resolution - got rid of it in a hurry - maybe I'll write about Being Efficient!

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