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How to Raise Successful Kittens

2021-03-25 Grandma Prissypaws
This is terrible advice! Are we trying to raise little alley cats? A proper young cat should turn up her nose at dead animals. Cat food should always come from a can and preferably be served on a silver platter. And please educate your little kitties! Higher learning should be the goal for everyone regardless of life station.

Finally - dogs can be useful in many ways. They are especially good at taking blame for our indiscretions.

My advice - next time take a little time to think before you publish such rubbish.
2020-07-04 Martin Pawclaw
Hi Friends -

Such a timely article. We at the Nip Shoppe applaud your advice. We are planning to offer hunting classes for kittens - keep an eye on our calendar:

Thanks - Martin