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Support Local Business
2021-03-25 Squeekie

The Big Stretch Gym has new extended hours and a catnip bar for those after-workout munchies! Stay on top of your game (literally) with a daily workout at the Gym. Get ripped (in more ways than one!)
How to Raise Successful Kittens
2021-03-25 Grandma Prissypaws

This is terrible advice! Are we trying to raise little alley cats? A proper young cat should turn up her nose at dead animals. Cat food should always come from a can and preferably be served on a silver platter. And please educate your little kitties! Higher learning should be the goal for everyone regardless of life station.

Finally - dogs can be useful in many ways. They are especially good at taking blame for our indiscretions.

My advice - next time take a little time to think before you publish such rubbish.
You Are Lazier Than You Think
2020-11-01 Miss Paddypaws

This is sooo inspirational. I have spent years in therapy just to figure out why I'm so frisky. At the age of 10 too - how embarrassing.

Your brave sharing made me realize that it's ok to be different.

Your fan Paddypaws
Make More Money With Your Website
2020-11-01 Tiger

Wow I am so inspired. Dont you just love a website with lots of ads And pop-ups Grab those eyeballs GRRRRR
Best Website Builder Ever
2020-11-01 Miss Kitty

Hi Guys -
Thanks for the tip. Its hard enough running an extremely popular and successful catnip business The Nip Shoppe without the added stress of a complicated website interface. Our IT department will be pleased to know there is an alternative to BarkPress which doesnt exactly fit our needs.
Support Local Business
2020-07-05 Cat and Astro Phee

Thanks for giving this great local business the attention it deserves. My mate and I attended Friday Fun last week and had a wonderful time. The nip is great and there is lots of food too! Check out their bacon-wrapped songbird. We are planning on taking Nip in the Kitchen 1, just to get Chef Calicao's recipe.
How to Raise Successful Kittens
2020-07-04 Martin Pawclaw

Hi Friends -

Such a timely article. We at the Nip Shoppe applaud your advice. We are planning to offer hunting classes for kittens - keep an eye on our calendar:

Thanks - Martin
Support Local Business
2020-06-30 Tiger

Don't forget about the networking breakfast on Mondays. Learn from the experts how to claw your way to the top!