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2021-11-25    Bob Cat

Thanks for the good advice. My kittens are already cuteness experts and we are going out hunting in the backyard this weekend - who knows what we will find.

2021-11-25    Miss Paddypaws

This is appalling advice, unless you want to raise a bunch of little barbarians. Keep those kittens indoors and whatever you do, don't let them hunt - they should always expect Fancy Feast at mealtime. Srsly!

2021-11-26    Izzy

Paddypaws, you are so right. It's our job as parents to raise kittens with culture and manners. We are not just animals!

2022-01-11    Willow

I consider myself a pretty successful kitten since I got rescued from a gutter just for BEING CUTE! So, whatever you do, make CUTENESS a priority!