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Importance of Treats

Importance of Treats

How many times have you wished for a little something special? Like Gerber chicken baby food. Surely it's too good for human babies. But for some unknown reason, this most perfect cat treat is not found in pet stores. What's with that?

Previous Comments:

2021-04-25    Tuna
Never settle for anything other than tuna - straight from the can.
2021-07-12    Lulu
Hey, don't forget about salmon!
2021-04-26    Stubbie
I personally like sauteed mushrooms but there are hard to come by.
2021-07-14    Lulu
There's a trick - start to hack in another room and when they come to investigate, make a beeline to the kitchen and snarf up those mushrooms!

2021-04-26    Stubbie
I'll add another one - Ice Cream - lots easier to get than mushrooms.