Make Money With Your Website!

Make Money With Your Website!

Finally, the day has come for us to publish the definitive "Make Money with Your Website' guide. This valuable document is the result of years of research by our dedicated staff of moneyologists here at Wealthy Cat.

You are about to encounter the STARTLING!UNEXPECTED!SURPRISING! results of their research.

Never-before-seen evidence of Secret Moneymaking Methods revealed at last. Other publications will try and duplicate our findings, but remember - you saw this first on Wealthy Cats.

The Definitive Guide to Making Money With Your Website!!!!!

  1. Create Your Own Website - it's easy with PawPress, the Number 1 Cat-Approved Website Builder on the planet!!

  2. Add a big pop-up - that lets people know you want to MAKE MONEY!

  3. Offer free PDF's - we have no idea what they are, but they MAKE MONEY!

  4. Add social media doodads - when people click them they turn into MONEY!

  5. Ads, ads, ads - don't leave any empty space on your website. The slower they load, the more MONEY you get!!!

  6. Add a blog and talk about how much MONEY you have now after starting with NOTHING!!!

  7. Take a nap!
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    Henri   2020-01-06

    You American cats are so materialistic. It nauseates me to hear you rant and rave about money, money money. What a bunch of ignorant bourgeois buffoons you all are. And don't bother to respond with your pathetic positive thinking rubbish. Check out my youtube channel and you will see that gloom is the way to go, fools.