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Hi Everyone -

We would like to give a meow-out to our favorite catnip emporium and source of all things nippy:
The Nip Shoppe! Yes, we are lucky to have this fantastic destination right here in Felinia. If you ever wanted to learn the secrets of catnip cuisine, enjoy world-class nip beverages, or just pick up a pound or two of the best quality nip to be found anywhere, run, don't walk, to The NIp Shoppe. 222 Scratching Post Road, in the heart of beautiful, downtown Felinia. See you there!

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2021-03-25 Squeekie
The Big Stretch Gym has new extended hours and a catnip bar for those after-workout munchies! Stay on top of your game (literally) with a daily workout at the Gym. Get ripped (in more ways than one!)
2020-07-05 Cat and Astro Phee
Thanks for giving this great local business the attention it deserves. My mate and I attended Friday Fun last week and had a wonderful time. The nip is great and there is lots of food too! Check out their bacon-wrapped songbird. We are planning on taking Nip in the Kitchen 1, just to get Chef Calicao's recipe.
2020-06-30 Tiger
Don't forget about the networking breakfast on Mondays. Learn from the experts how to claw your way to the top!
2020-06-30 Tom Twitchitail
Hi Guys -
Martin and I really appreciate the publicity. We would like to offer all of your readers a cup of Electric Whiskers Americano in the NIp Cafe for the rest of the month. Just say 'Tom and Martin's Treat' and our baristas will pour you up a free cup on us. Enjoy!
Martin Pawclaw and Tom Twitchitail, Owners of The NIp Shoppe - home of Felinia's finest leaf!
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