Welcome to our Money Blog, where you can learn all about this mysterious stuff called 'Money'. You will learn that it's not so mysterious once you know a few simple facts. Stay tuned to raise your money vibration to the next level!!!

Best Website Builder Ever


Hello Techo cats! Today we are going to share with you the best options for building your website, and your brand.

There are so many products to choose from. You are so fortunate to have the accumulated wisdom and experience of our staff of feline geeks to sort through all the gobbledigook and give you some news you can use.

We could list 35 products with a large table of pros and cons and features and a bunch of things you have no idea what we are talking about, but hey, we know you are cats, too. We cats are wayyyyy too lazy to go through all that.

Just go out and download 'Purrpress'. It's free, it's easy to use, and best of all, it's cat-friendly!

Looking for Money


I know it's in here somewhere...

Make More Money With Your Website


Finally, the day has come for us to publish the definitive "Make Money with Your Website' guide. This valuable document is the result of years of research by our dedicated staff of moneyologists here at Wealthy Cat.

You are about to encounter the STARTLING! UNEXPECTED! SURPRISING! results of their research.

Never-before-seen evidence of Secret Moneymaking Methods revealed at last. Other publications will try and duplicate our findings, but remember - you saw this first on Wealthy Cats.

The Definitive Guide to Making Money With Your Website!!!!!

1. Create Your Own Website - it's easy with PawPress, the Number 1 Cat-Approved Website Builder on the planet!!

2. Add a big pop-up - that lets people know you want to MAKE MONEY!

3. Offer free PDF's - we have no idea what they are, but they MAKE MONEY!

4. Add social media doodads - when people click them they turn into MONEY!

5. Ads, ads, ads - don't leave any empty space on your website. The slower they load, the more MONEY you get!!!

6. Add a blog and talk about how much MONEY you have now after starting with NOTHING!!!

7. Take a nap!

What is Money Anyway?


Hi Wealthy Cat Wannabees -

Let's talk about Money - do you know what Money is?   Don't feel bad if you don't- it's not obvious.   Here's what I found out from watching my humans over the years. 

For one thing, they talk about Money all the time.   Is Money another human?   A god?  An invisible force?   Actually, yes -  like in Star Wars - Money is "an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us; it binds the galaxy together." Thank you Obi-Wan

Sometimes it can manifest as an actual object.   That green paper that humans carry around is a form on Money.  It shows up on computer screens as little numbers.   But mostly it's an invisible force.  People think about Money all the time, but they can't see it.

So Simple

When my cat, Alphonse, needed to set up a website, he found all the information he needed on Wealthy Cats.

He's a smart cat, but manuals are just not his thing. Fortunately, PurrPress doesn't require a lot of brain power! He now has a great website, '', and a worldwide following for his extremely popular advice on Feline Success Strategies.

Thanks, Wealthy Cats!

Happy Cat Guardian

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