Controlling the Litter Box



(Author: Ralph E. McMackerel)

Many cats are unsure about how to manage their litter boxes. I'm here to clear up some misunderstandings. The first thing to remember is it's not your job to keep it clean. It's their job. If they aren't doing their job, you have every reason to choose another spot to do your business. Don't go nuclear on them, just find a piece of floor close to the box that they will definitely see, and hopefully step in!!

Another tip - kick up as much litter as you like. It's not your job to keep in in the box. It's their job! Maybe they need to get a taller box. A light scatter of litter all around the box is a good training exercise to get them to comply.

More to come!

A New Addition to our Staff

Welcome, Ralph!


We are pleased to announce the addition of a very highly qualified cat to our staff. Ralph E. McMackerel has multiple degrees in Kitty Litter Science, a subject that is near and dear to the hears of cats everywhere.

Walking Your Person


Not all humans are intelligent enough to go for a walk with their cat, but a few are. They mostly need training. They want to be in charge and you have to firmly let them know they are not. Here's a few tips to upgrade your human's performance.

  • Find a spot under a bush and hunker down for a while. Force them to wait and wait and wait.
  • Make a dash for a butterfly or a frog - catch them off balance and force them to run to keep up with you.
  • Make mean faces and growl when their friends show up, especially if there is a dog. You can just ignore the bigger ones, but it's kind of fun to start chasing the really tiny ones! Embarrasses the human, too - fun!Part 2: Get away from the leash - it's not that hard, especially on bumpy terrain. They will be trying to catch up with you but humans are sooo clumsy. Enjoy watching them try and catch you!



Hey guys -
In case you didn't know this, computers are a GREAT source of fun! There are so many things you can easily do to mess them up totally! Start with that Mouse!! Or, try walking over the keyboard, taking a nap on the laptop - better than a sofa because it's warm! If there's a separate monitor, knock it off the desk, or at least chew on the cables in the back. Check it out! Don't let that computer just sit there!

The Importance of Cat Toys

Sometimes you just need to toss and terrorize a small helpless prey animal. For those times when you don't have a live chipmunk or bird, a toy with a little catnip and some feathers can do the trick.

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