Good advice

Hey guys - really appreciate all your good advice. I've been following your 7 Habits of Highly Effective Cats for three months and so far, it's working. Yesterday, when I was meowing in the kitchen, I got some liver!

Thanks -



Squeekie, you are soo cool! (Do you have a mate?)

Whenever I get discouraged - sleeping all day can be a challenge - I look at your pictures and see that it can be done. And you look so good on the job!

Thanks for the inspiration. :)

Snowball Fluffipie

So So Website

The cat pictures are ok, but the rest of it is really boring. Crazy Cat Lady, Felinia, Ohio

Good Product

Good Product

Not a Cat

Not a Cat

Hey, how did this picture get in here? Did someone let Crazy Bug Lady have the password?